Microsoft BI

Meet the business intelligence needs of executives and employees while minimizing associated IT management issues and cost with Microsoft business intelligence solutions (overview). Available as part of the familiar Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Server products, and built on the powerful Microsoft SQL Server platform. Take advantage of the following Microsoft Business Intelligence capabilities to connect people to data and to each other, while easing the burden on IT staff and maintaining proper governance.

What does Microsoft BI offer?

Self-service BI tools

your employees often use office productivity tools such as Microsoft Excel to pull together and analyze data to help make daily decisions. Microsoft Power BI tools enables users to interact quickly with corporate and public data sources.

Collaboration with Microsoft BI-tools

Through SharePoint Server, employees can more easily connect and collaborate with each other, find peers with subject expertise, and share content to make better informed and more agile business decisions.


the market share-leading reporting solution from Microsoft, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is the solution of choice for businesses that require enterprise reporting capabilities.


the best analysts, and often the best assets, in most organizations are those who love to dig into the data and really understand why the business is performing the way it is.

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

dig deeper to deduce knowledge. Move beyond simple data analysis to identify hidden trends, problems, or relationships in the data. After insights are extracted from patterns, clusters, and trends, people can better identify the root cause of problems and predict future outcomes.

Source: microsoft.com

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